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We specialize in lameness and correct podiatry for the performance horse, reined cow horse, cutters, reining and rodeo horses. BFS/ESM also provides top of the line massage therapy and equine massage rehabilitation with TheraPlate.

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About Me

Brandon Bunting

Brandon Bunting is the owner and operator of Bunting Farrier Service and Equine Sports Massage. He is an experienced service provider, working multiple years with horses. He specializes in equine lameness, performance horses, show, reiners, cutters, reined cow horse, rodeo, and custom blacksmith design.

Phone: (719) 235-3634



Can work with any kind of horse

Great guy. Can work with any kind of horse and does great work!

Elise P.

Brandon knows his craft

Knows his craft. On time. Sound horse that is happy to work a day after he was super tender.

Stacy S.